A word from the chairperson

Virginia Larue


Survival Ark Foundation


Survival Ark Foundation (SAF) is a non-profit NGO, founded by Mrs Virginia Larue and Mrs Theresia Julie in 2016.

It has been at the forefront of provision of timely and important services to children and youth in the Seychelles

SAF has implemented a number of projects in the community, teaching young people leadership skills, helping children and young adults to keep busy in the school holidays by engaging them in meaningful recreational and educational programmes of activities.

 Young adults and volunteers work as assistants to facilitators who conduct active and participative sessions with children and youth. Usually, SAF conducts these activities throughout the day, keeping the young minds and hands busy, away from negative influences in society, and giving them hope and encouragement to engage in prosocial activities that contribute to the socioeconomic development of their communities.

SAF’s commitment to pursuing with pro-social, engaging and positive community programmes that enrich the women, girls, men and boys of the districts where these activities are conducted. It is a commitment to ensuring that children and young people are protected from social ills, and that they find adults who are ready and willing to help them navigate in this complex world, by giving knowledge, skills, pointers and tips to be successful citizens who contribute positively to national development.

As chairperson of SAF, I feel honoured to head such an organisation. I feel empowered when I work with our dedicated volunteers. I feel empowered myself to continue to try and make Seychelles a better place for its children and young adults. It is our duty. It is indeed our calling.

I am hoping that the organisation will touch the hearts of the people that read it and that their kindness and generosity will help to bring joy, peace, knowledge, skills, confidence and assurance to the children and youth of Seychelles.